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Energy Philosophy


Energy consumption is perhaps the most important area of focus for Eat Drink Collective. The relatively large amount of power required to run our kitchen (upwards of 4kW) means that the majority of our energy needs simply must be met by a gas based energy source. For the foreseeable future, and until an alternative becomes available, carbon offset LPG (propane) will serve as our kitchen’s energy supply.

Our truck Volkswagen, offers class leading efficiency with a fuel economy of up to 16.45km per litre.  The vehicle utilises Volkswagen’s new BlueMotion engine which breaks new ground for ICE design in terms of efficiency and emissions. While the truck already exceeds relevant emission targets here in Australia, we plan to further improve this benchmark by employing exhaust catalysation, using B20 biodiesel fuel and the purchasing of voluntary carbon offset credits. CO2 output prior to catalysation is below 200g/km.

The employment of exhaust calaysation further reduces the release of particulates, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen into the atmosphere, massively reducing pollution and improving on-site air quality. The combination of efficient ICE design, Biodiesel fuel, exhaust catalysation, and carbon offsetting allows us to achieve the smallest environmental impact possible for this type of service at this point in time.

Fleet food trucks and catering vehicles will be serviced at regular intervals to ensure claimed efficiency and emissions are adhered to at all times