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Eat Drink Collective is a catering company made up of a team of creative, dedicated and highly-trained individuals who deliver innovative handmade menus, exquisite presentations and attentive service.

Eat Drink Collective menu is a melting pot of the familiar and the new, embracing the past while anticipating the future. Every dish is an interpretation of classic flavours, in new forms that continue to enchant. From Private events, Product launches, Boardroom meetings, to Corporate catering and remote major event catering, we are able to assist with culinary catering, bar service, staff, equipment, venue hire, beverages, theming, styling and production services. Eat Drink Collective is committed to achieving the very best.

Our success is derived from balancing tradition and innovation. Tradition grounds us and ties us to our past and innovation carries the present into the future. Our food is a combination of the familiar and the new – our philosophy embraces the past and anticipates the future – always seeking new ideas that will satisfy the client and keep it fresh, while remembering our culinary roots and the classic techniques underlying all great cooking. We seek ways to bring the thrill

High-Volume Catering:

- Event Catering
- On-Site Catering
- Contract Catering
- Workplace Catering
- Back of House & Crew Catering
- Film and Television Production Catering
- Mobile & Remote Area Catering
- Festival & Major Event Catering
- Pop-Up Eateries

­Corporate & Business Functions:

- Board-room & Conferences
- Business Meetings
- Client Acquisition Retention

Intimate Catering & Dining:

- Private Catering & Dining
- Wedding & Cocktails
- Elite & High-End Catering
- Secret Dining

Fast. Fresh. Alive with Flavours

Our motto “Comer Sano Vivir Bien” means Eat Healthy, Live Well is translated in our practice especially for our service specialisation in Workplace Catering where the fast pace of work and overloaded schedules have resulted in radically shortened lunch hours. Drawing on its extensive food services know-how, Eat Drink Collective develops and offers meal options to suit your needs and tastes.

People perform better in a pleasant working environment. Eat Drink Collective designs, manages and delivers catering solutions for clients to improve daily work-life in the workplace.

At some outdoor and remote locations, Eat Drink Collective has the capability to operate with mobile kitchen and/ or our fleet of gourmet food trucks. Eat Drink Collective assists with administration, permits, compliances, logistics, site-management and financial aspects of operations.