Muesli bars with fresh yoghurt
Assorted mini croissants
Assorted mini friands
Assorted finger sandwiches
Smoked salmon, créme fraiche and capers tart
Egg, bacon and potato frittata
Antipasto, goats cheese tart (V)
Spinach and cheese frittata (V)


Oven baked muesli
Bircher muesli
Banana bread with butter and assorted jams
Assorted Danish pastries
Assorted muffins
Buttermilk pancakes with ricotta and seasonal berries (V)
Seasonal fresh fruit platter with natural yoghurt
Smoked salmon croissant with dill crème fraiche
Double smoked ham and cheese croissant
Tomato and cheese croissant (V)
Bacon and egg slider
Field mushroom and haloumi slider (V)



Mini fresh fruit skewer
Baby fruit muffins
Mini chocolate croissant
Mini fruit Danish
Mini leg ham + cheese croissant
Mini quiche lorraine


Please select 3 options:
Vanilla cupcake with butter cream icing
Chocolate ganache + berry tart
Lemon curd + berry tart
Chocolate fudge brownie
Matcha + white chocolate brownie
Mini fruit skewer
Finger sandwich
Mini quiche lorraine



Turkish bread fingers
Sourdough bread, sliced thick, cut in half
Baguette, cut in half
Wrap, cut in half
Poached chicken, celery, cos lettuce, kewpie mayonnaise
Rare roast beef, onion jam, seeded mustard mayonnaise, rocket
Leg ham, tomato, cheddar cheese, mixed leaves
Parma ham, bocconcini, pear, mixed leaves
Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, capers, rocket
Turkey breast, cranberry, brie, baby spinach and mayonnaise
Tuna, cream cheese, fresh tomato, spanish onion, mixed leaves
Pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, aioli
Egg, mayonnaise, chives, watercress (V)
Grilled eggplant, zucchini, basil pesto, ricotta, rocket (V)



White, Wholemeal or Multigrain
Poached chicken, celery, kewpie mayonnaise
Rare roast beef, seeded mustard mayonnaise, cheddar
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill
Tuna, cream cheese, tomato, Spanish onion
Egg, mayonnaise, chives (V)
Grilled eggplant, basil pesto, ricotta (V)



SALAD PLATTERS (Serves 10) $120


Poached chicken, glass noodle, sesame oil dressing
Salt and pepper squid, rocket leaves, chipotle aioli, lime
Crumbed snapper skewers, mesclun leaves, ginger vinaigrette
BBQ pork, vermicelli, mint, nuoc cham
Roast duck, lychee, pickled carrots, fried shallots, ginger vinaigrette
Tuna, baby chat potatoes, eggs, olives, lemon vinaigrette
Steamed diced potatoes, bacon, egg, herbs, egg mayonnaise
Kale, chicken, crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing
Spiral pasta, sundried tomatoes, slivered almonds, pesto sauce dressing (V)
Soba noodle, shiitake mushroom, tofu, soy dressing (V)
Israeli pearl cous cous, roast pumpkin, sultanas, Israeli dressing (V)
Rocket, granny smith apple, parmesan, walnut, balsamic vinaigrette (V)


Cold Canapés

Fresh oysters
(Fresh lemon, soy & ginger vinaigrette, red wine vinaigrette, Nam Jim, cucumber granita)
Prawn rice paper roll, dipping sauce
Chicken rice paper roll, dipping sauce
Roast duck pancake wrap, hoisin glaze
Gravlax salmon, cream cheese, dill tart
King fish sashimi on spoon, ponzu, chive
Smoked trout on spoon, green mango salad, nam jim
Black sesame-crusted seared tuna on spoon, pickled ginger, cucumber, soy
Mini roast pork slider
Mini roast chicken slider
Antipasto mix, cream cheese, dill tart (V)
Mini haloumi slider (V)
Mini teriyaki tofu slider (V)
Tofu rice paper roll, dipping sauce (V)
Avocado rice paper roll, dipping sauce (V)

Dessert Canapés

Pandan pancake, chocolate, nuts, cheese filling
Coconut panna cotta, seasonal fruits
Salted palm sugar ice cream in a brioche bun
Sago pearls, crispy rice bubbles, palm sugar syrup
Lemon yoghurt cake, lemon icing
Mandarin olive oil cake, citrus syrup
Mini lemon curd + berry tart
Mini chocolate ganache + berry tart
Dark chocolate truffle
White chocolate, kaffir lime, coconut truffle
Chocolate brownie
Matcha brownie


Hot Canapés

Bbq hot & spicy pork belly bao
Bbq chicken teriyaki bao
Braised pork belly bao
Black pepper beef + kimchi bao
Roast duck + lychee bao
Lamb rendang bao
Chicken dim sim, chilli, soy
Pork & cabbange dumpling, soy vinaigrette
Crispy king prawn wonton, sweet chilli
Grilled chicken skewer, peanut sauce
Grilled lamb skewer, mint yoghurt
Salt and pepper squid, chipotle mayonnaise
Crumbed snapper, lemon aioli
Seared scallop on spoon, cauliflower mash, bacon crumble
Crispy skinned pork belly on spoon, lemongrass salsa
Tempura prawn on spoon, lemon aioli
Mini pulled beef slider, slaw
Mini pulled pork slider, slaw
Eggplant sambal bao (V)
Tofu + shiitake teriyaki bao (V)
Cocktail vegetarian spring roll, sweet chilli dipping sauce (V)
Corn fritter, avocado mash, chilli jam (V)
Manchego, avocado, sundried tomatoes quesadilla (V)
Assorted mushroom arancini (V)


Oyster Bar
The bar comes with fresh Sydney rock oysters from the market on the day of your event to ensure the best and freshest oysters. Served with a selection of vinaigrettes, freshly baked bread and Pepe Saya cultured butter.
Sashimi + Sushi Bar
Fresh sashimi grade fish direct from the market and all the accompaniments.
Charcuterie Bar
A selection of cured meat, cheese, pickles, spreads, fresh and dried fruits, and crackers.
Bao Bar
Steamed baos with assorted fillings. Our chefs will prepare and assemble the baos to order. The station comes with a selection of chili sauces and extra garnishes and pickles.
Dumpling Bar
Steamed dumplings with assorted fillings. Our chefs will cook the dumplings to order. The station comes with a selection of vinaigrette, chilli dipping sauces and garnishes.
Yum Cha Bar
A selection of classic favourites at yum cha, including dim sim, prawn har gow, bbq pork bun, dumplings, and spring rolls. The station comes with chilli and soy dipping sauces.
Taco Bar
A selection of soft tacos with assorted fillings. Our chefs will prepare and assemble the tacos to order. The station comes with a selection of sauces, condiments and pickles.


Rice/ Noodle Bar
Steamed rice or fried noodle with a selection of sides. Our chefs will prepare and cook on site and display in the hot food station.
Burger Bar
Brioche burger buns with classic beef patties, crumbed chicken, and portobello mushroom with truffle oil. Made to order with classic burger accompaniments.
Sliders Bar
Mini brioche burger buns with shredded chicken, pulled beef, and haloumi. Made to order with classic slider accompaniments.
Salad Bar
A selection of ingredients to make your own salad, with a variety of salad dressings & toppings.
Soup Bar
Potato + leek soup, Italian rustic tomato soup, chicken and corn soup served with warm crusty bread.
Dessert Bar
A selection of dessert canapés, fresh fruit, and Australian & imported cheese.
Donut Bar
A selection of donuts with different toppings and flavours.
Gelato Bar
A selection of gelato with different toppings and flavours.