Blood Orange
Mango and orange
Passionfruit Orange and Apple
Pineapple and Mint
Raspberry and Apple


Apple and Lime
Blood Orange
Guava and Cranberry
Mango and Orange




Ginger Beer
Lemon, Lime & Bitters
Lemon Squash
Orange Squash
Pink Lemonade


Peach nectar topped with champagne
Bloody Mary
Vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice & lemon juice built over ice & served with a celery stick
Brandy Alexander
Brandy, crème de cacao & cream shaken with ice & served with a sprinkling of nutmeg
Muddled lime wedges & sugar shaken with vodka & ice
*Try our new Passionfruit or Strawberry Caipiroskas 
Campari Crush
Gin, Campari & ruby red grapefruit juice served with a squeeze of fresh limejuice
Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry & lime juice shaken with ice & strained
Fizzy Sipper
Midori, Cointreau & lemon juice shaken & strained, topped with champagne
Muddled pineapple, Cointreau & vodka strained into a champagne flute topped with champagne
Fuzzy Navel
Vodka, peach schnapps & orange juice shaken over ice & strained
Goodnight Kiss
A sugar cube sprinkled with angostura bitters & topped with sparkling wine
Minor, triple sec, vodka & lemon juice shaken with ice & topped with pineapple juice
Vodka, Cointreau, lime & lemon juice shaken over ice & strained, garnished with a sliver of lime peel
Long Island Ice Tea
Vodka, Bacardi, gin, tequila & Cointreau built over ice & topped with lemon juice & cola
Lychee Blush
Vodka, lychee liqueur & ruby red grapefruit juice muddled with lychees, fresh limes & strawberries
Mai Tai
Rum, Cointreau & amaretto mixed with pineapple juice
Mango Bellini
Mango liqueur, mango nectar & lime juice in a champagne flute topped with ice cold champagne
*Peach Bellinis are a tasty alternative
Tequila, triple sec & lemon juice shaken with ice, strained & served in a salt rimmed martini glass
*Try a Frozen Margarita for a great summer alternative
Gin & dry vermouth shaken with ice, strained & served in a martini glass with an olive
*Try our new Lychee Martini
Mint Julep
Muddled mint leaves & castor sugar with bourbon, soda water & ice
Muddled lime, mint leaves & sugar shaken with Bacardi, limejuice & lots of ice
*For a variation ask for a Raspberry Mojito
Moscow Mule
Vodka & limejuice shaken with ice & topped with ginger beer
Vodka, baileys, Kahlua & cream blended with ice & served with a chocolate swirl
Ocean Breeze
White rum, amaretto, blue curacao & pineapple juice shaken with ice & topped with soda water
Pina Colada
Malibu, coconut cream & pineapple juice blended & garnished with fresh pineapple
Pink Stiletto
Vodka, peach schnapps & cranberry juice shaken with ice & strained
Sea Breeze
Vodka & cranberry juice shaken with ice & topped with pink grapefruit juice
Strawberry Daiquiri
Bacardi, strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberries, sugar & lime juice blended with ice
*Try our Mango or Passionfruit Daiquiris
Strawberry Sensation
Baileys, strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberries & cream blended with ice
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, orange juice & grenadine built over ice
Watermelon Fruitini
Muddled watermelon & sugar syrup shaken with vodka, Midori & ice strained into a martini glass
White Lady
Gin, triple sec & lemon juice shaken over ice until frosted & strained
White Russian
odka, Kahlua & milk built over ice
*try a Black Russian with cola instead of milk
Whiskey Sour
Bourbon & lemon juice sweetened with sugar served on ice


Sake Screwdriver. The screwdriver is a classic drink due to its basic structure of vodka and orange juice. The vodka is replaced with sake to add a unique flavor for this popular cocktail. Mix two fluid oz. of sake and six fluid oz. of orange juice, pour in highball glass over ice. The sake screwdriver is suitable for a light drinker because of the low alcohol content.

Saketini. The martini is one of the most well known cocktails, commonly made with the finest gin and vermouth. Sake is used in replacement of the vermouth mixed with gin. This sake cocktail can be served chilled or room temperature in martini glass and garnished with an olive or lemon peel. The saketini has high alcohol content and is recommended for experienced drinkers.

Duncan MacLeod. Named after a fictional character from the "Highlander" series, this sake cocktail is a mixture of cola and equal parts Scotch whiskey and sake. Enjoy the Duncan MacLeod over crushed ice which is needed to dilute this strong cocktail. 

Gong. This sake cocktail is mixed with one part pama pomegranate flavored liquor and three parts sake. Drink this cocktail chilled and be sure to hit the side of the glass with a spoon, hence the name gong. Pomegranate may not be suitable for everyone, replace with favorite fruit-flavored liquor of your choice.

Black Samurai. This unique sake cocktail is simply made with one part sake and one part soy sauce and served in a shot glass. This mixed drink should be consumed quickly.